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Optimising Engine Performance

Prices are plus vat

Restored Performance

 Restored fuel efficiency

Restored Power

Reduced Emissions

 Increased lifespan

Carbon Clean for any petrol, diesel or LPG engine

We offer a Hydrogen Carbon Clean for any petrol, diesel or LPG engine.

Whether it's a motorcycle, car, bus, truck or tractor, it can be cleaned.

Our fast and efficient service is professionally carried out at a time convenient to you.

- No Chemicals or additives are used

- Environmentally Safe

- Green Technology

- No Dismantling of Engine parts

Benefits are:

-Restored power and performance Lower harmful emissions

-Revitalised fuel efficiency helps avoid costly repair bills

-Smoother performance Enhanced driving experience​

-More responsive power and torque delivery


Carbon cleans: 

Motorcycles: £75- £90

Cars and Vans up to 3 Litres: £95

Cars and Vans over 3 Litres up to 4.5 Litres: £120

Cars and Vans over 4.5 Litres £145

Tractors: £150

Trucks/Buses up to 11 Litres: £210


DPF Regen: £45


DPF Clean: £210

Remapping stage one/ECO also includes DPF, EGR, swirl flaps, DTC etc £210

Turbo clean with carbon clean £135

​What is Carbon Cleaning?

When burning fuel in a petrol, diesel or LPG engine, small amounts of carbon residue are produced and some of these carbon particles adhere to the internal components and airways within the engine. Overtime, these carbon particles build up and form a crusty residue over the internals of your engine. Valves, pistons, turbo vanes, EGR valves and injectors are all at risk of becoming effected by excessive carbon deposits.

This carbon build-up reduces the efficiency and performance of your engine, reduces the lifespan of the engine parts, decreases fuel economy and increases the vehicles emissions. With our congested roads and start-stop lifestyles, the issue of carbon accumulation within an engine is more common than ever.

Our Carbon Cleaning machine is fast, efficient and employs no harsh chemicals. The machine delivers a consistent high flow of hydrogen into your engine and is completely safe.

The effects of injecting hydrogen into your engine makes it possible to raise the combustion temperature to trigger a pyrolysis ,a chemical reaction that vaporises and eliminates carbon deposits.

How long will the cleaning procedure take?​

The length of time required to perform the hydrogen cleaning procedure on your vehicle is dependant on the engine size. Please refer to the information below.

Engine size Litres Time required (minutes)

Up to 1L 30

Over 1L up to 2L 40

Over 2L up to 3L 50

Over 3L up to 4L 60

Over 4L up to 7L 70

Over 7L up to 11L 80

We can offer a free vehicle health check too but please allow 30 minutes for this!