EXCITING NEWS!!! We are the only garage in Torbay & Teignbridge to be official dealers of Powerflex bushes! All bushes come with a LIFETIME warranty!

What are suspension bushes?

Suspension bushes are fitted to cars at all points where the vehicle chassis is joined to a moving suspension component. They are fitted to provide a noise & vibration absorbing barrier between the road and you.

Powerflex bushes are made to replace standard bushes on your car, they are not affected by UV, petrol, oil, battery acid, water etc. In some cases these bushes can double the lifetime of your tyres!


- Powerflex bushes improve vehicle handling.

- They outlast standard rubber by a factor of 10!

- Reduces tyre wear

- All accurately measured from OE spec

- Lifetime warranty

- Old and soft rubber bushes cause incorrect geometry and excessive tyre wear as well as braking instability, this may mean your tyres are wearing on the inner edges but your tracking is ok!

- Noise absorbing

- Offers added safety with improved braking stability & grip!

- Number one performance bushes in Europe!

Why not come in & have a feel of our sample packs!

We sell and fit handling packs, exhaust mounts, engine mounts, subframe mounts & suspension bushes. Call us now for a free quote 01626 437667